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The Fall
Monday, 28 November 2011 | 22:43 | 0 comments
Three people in the helicopter is flying in the air.

The first person to bite an apple. Felt too sweet, he threw the apple out.

The second person citrus bite, but because too sour, it was throwing them out.

Third person to bite the hand grenade and that too loud, it was throwing them out.

When Heli landing, the third person to walk together.

They met a girl who was crying.

Why are you crying?” They asked.

An apple falls from the sky, struck the child cat, and died, hu.hu.hu.

They continued on and met a boy who was crying.

Why are you crying?” They asked.

“A lemon drop from the sky and struck my rabbit children, continue to die, hu.hu.hu.

Finally they met a fat woman laughed as she bent down.

Aunt, why laugh? They asked.

“Just now, I fart. Suddenly, the building continues to explode behind meha .. ha .. ha ..